ADL event within DEEP Armenia

Military University after G. Sargsyan in Yerevan hosted, July 24-25, the NATO DEEP Armenia ADL event. During the working sessions, NATO team focused on the following points: (1)current ADL trends and tendencies within education and training, (2) ADL solutions within NATO and PfP Consortium entities, (3) ADL solutions within DEEP (success stories to follow as the shortcuts), (4) ADL system solutions within civilian educational realm – legal and organisational aspects. Also the following points were raised: (1) LMS platforms for ADL system solutions, (2) LMS ILIAS within academic realm  – experiences and recommendations, in-house products, postgraduate studies and courses, (3) How to develop ADL in-house course – basics. Also the discussions on the future developments regarding organisational, technical and faculty development issues took place. During the wrap-up session, the suggestions on possible future activities/events were formulated and agreed.