Another NATO DEEP ADL activity in Krakow

The workshop on Articulate Storyline is the second activity of the series of three, requested by the UKR side within NATO DEEP program, to familiarise with advanced ADL tools/ applications/ solutions. After workshop in May, held also in Krakow, on Adobe Captivate, current activity is focused on Articulate Storyline. The series will end in Kyiv in July, focusing on the developments of multimedia modules/didactic blocks for LMS platforms, using Camtasia.

The main aim of the current workshop is to familiarize the participants with the functionalities of the Articulate Storyline, while covering total 30 academic hours in accordance with the agenda preliminary agreed with NATO and the UKR side. Ukraine is represented in Krakow by the specialists from the ADL Center of the National Defence University of Ukraine. On the NATO side there are experts from the E-learning Centre of the Cuiavian University in Wloclawek.